Recipe of the week: Usli

Preparation Time: 10 minutes; Cooking Time: 10 minutes; Serves- 2; Ingredients Sprouted moong dal (whole green gram): 1/3 cup; Sprouted kala chana (brown chick peas): 1/8 cup; Sprouted kabuli chana (white chick peas): 1/8 cup; Sprouted peanuts: 1/8 cup; Chopped onions: ¼ cup; Chopped ginger: ¼ teaspoon; Garlic cloves (Chopped): 2; Green chilies (Chopped): 1; […]

Recipe of the week: Puran Poli

Preparation Time: 60 minutes; Cooking Time: 25 minutes; Serves: 1 (2 pieces); Ingredients Split bengal gram (chana dal): 1/4 cup; Jaggery (gur) grated: 1/4 cup; Oil: 1 teaspoon; Saffron (kesar): a pinch; Green cardamom powder: 1/8 teaspoon; Nutmeg powder: a pinch; FOR THE DOUGH Diabetacare multigrain flour: 1/3 cup; Salt: a pinch; Pure ghee: 1 […]

Recipe of the week: Fluffy egg white vegetable omelette

Preparation Time- 10 minutes; Cooking Time- 10 minutes; Serves- 1; Ingredients: Eggs (whites): 3; Oil: 1 teaspoon; Chopped onions- ¼ cup; Chopped red & yellow bell pepper- ½ cup; Chopped mushroom- ¼ cup; Chopped tomatoes- ¼ cup; Chopped green chilies- ½ teaspoon; Diabetacare Flaxseed, powdered- 1 teaspoon; Salt- as required; Black pepper powder – for […]

Creating a comprehensive ecosystem for diabetes management in India

Diabetes is a major public health problem that is approaching epidemic proportions globally. According to International Diabetes Federation Atlas 2015, approximately 415 million adults have diabetes globally and more than 75% of adults with diabetes live in low and middle-income countries. India is particularly at risk. In India, an estimated 69.2 million people were diabetic […]

Impact of hypoglycemia on children with diabetes

Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) is the limiting factor for good diabetes control in children with Type 1 diabetes. Hypoglycemia occurs when the child’s blood glucose level falls below the need for his/her body to function properly. It occurs frequently with tight control of blood glucose (sugar) that is needed to prevent future complications like blindness, […]

Managing diabetes with Smart Apps

The number of people with diabetes is increasing in most countries. According to International Diabetes Federation Atlas 2015, approximately 415 million adults globally have diabetes; and this number will rise to 642 million by 2040. In India, an estimated 69.2 million people were diabetic in the year 2015, which as per the WHO assessment, stood […]

Sweet lime pepper salad

Preparation Time: 10 minutes; Cooking Time: 0 minutes; Serves: 2; Ingredients: Sweet lime (mosambi) segments: ½ cup; Yellow and green capsicum cubes: ½ cup; Lettuce, torn into pieces: 1 cup; Cucumber cubes: ½ cup; Diabetacare flaxseeds: ½ teaspoon; Salad Dressing: Mustard (rai / sarson) sauce: ¼ teaspoon; Freshly grounded black pepper (kalimirch) powder: ¼ teaspoon; […]

Pancreas and diabetes

Pancreas is an organ which is situated just behind the stomach in the upper abdominal region. It has two functions: • Exocrine function: To secrete digestive enzymes which are carried through the ducts into the stomach for digestion process • Endocrine function: To secrete insulin and glucagon directly into the blood to maintain normal blood […]

Swimming can help manage your diabetes

Swimming is often associated with improved cardiovascular function, effective weight management, and regulated blood sugar level. Apart from the physical benefits, swimming strengthens the mind, increases positive energy, alleviating any signs of depression that might occur as a result of diabetes. However, diabetics must exercise caution while swimming. The global diabetes community in the UK […]

Soya Khaman dhokla

Preparation Time – 5 minutes; Cooking Time – 10 minutes; Makes – 5 Dhokla; Ingredients: Diabetacare Soya flour: ¼ cup; Besan (bengal gram flour): ¾ cup; Semolina (rava): 1 ½ tablespoon; Sugar: 2 teaspoon; Lemon juice: 1 teaspoon; Ginger-green chili paste: 1 teaspoon; Fruit salt: 1 teaspoon; Oil: 1 teaspoon; Mustard seeds ( rai / […]