Herbed Eggs

Recipe of the week: Herbed Eggs

Preparation time – 5 minutes; Cooking Time – 5 minutes; Serves– 1; Ingredients: Oil: 1 teaspoon; Butter- 1/2 teaspoon; Egg white: 6; Skimmed milk (liquid): 2 tablespoon; Mixed herb seasoning – 1 tablespoon; Diabetacare Flax seeds – 1 teaspoon; Method: Mix the seasoning with butter and keep aside In a bowl, combine egg whites, milk, […]

Diabetes Health

How does diabetes affect your oral health?

No matter what type of diabetes you have, high sugar level in the saliva or spit can cause harmful bacteria to grow inside the mouth and cause oral health issues to multiply. If your blood sugar levels are poorly controlled, you are more likely to develop serious gum disease and loose more teeth than non-diabetics. […]

Diabetes Food

Recipe of the week : Instant Jowar Uttapam

Preparation time – 20 minutes; Cooking Time – 2 to 5 minutes; Serves- 2 (4 uttapams); Ingredients: Diabetacare Jowar Idli Rava: 1/4 cup; Urad dal (spilt black lentils): 1 tablespoon; Ginger & green chilli paste: 1 teaspoon; Fruit salt: 1/2 teaspoon; Salt to taste; Other ingredients: Oil for greasing & cooking: 2 teaspoon; Sliced tomatoes: […]

Diabetes management

Travel tips for people with diabetes

Diabetes shouldn’t deter you from doing the things you enjoy. If you want to travel, and you have diabetes, you may need some additional planning. If you plan in advance, you will be able to minimise any potential complication associated with diabetes & travelling. To decrease the risk of any mishap while travelling, you must […]