Recipe of the week: Buckwheat Flour Chillas

Relish the lip-smacking Buckwheat Flour Chillas A MUST share for your loved ones., Recipe type: Brunch and Supper Cuisine: Indian Serves: 3, Ingredients 1/2 cup buckwheat flour, 1 tsp ginger green chilly paste, 1/2 cup grated carrot, 1/4 low fat curd, 1/2 cup chopped spring onion, 2 tsp finely chopped green coriander, 1 teaspoon oil […]

Smoking & Diabetes

Smoking can be one of the hardest addictions to overcome. Smoking is not only an expensive habit but also is the leading cause of chronic lung disease, cancer, stroke, heart disease and preventable death. Kicking the habit is also important if you are diabetic or want to prevent diabetes. Recent studies shows that smokers are […]

Adherence to the therapy is a task for most of the Patients

Adherence to therapy is defined as the extent to which a person’s behavior in taking medication, following a diet, and/or executing lifestyle changes, corresponds with agreed recommendations from a healthcare provider. Patients presenting with type 2 diabetes mellitus are initially encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen, followed by early medication that generally […]