personalised consultancy.

The 4 Dimensions of DiabetaCare >



IT-enabled support
with a human touch.

The 4 Dimensions of DiabetaCare >



End-to-end diabetes
care and support.

The 4 Dimensions of DiabetaCare >



Visit us or get in touch
via phone/chat/email.

The 4 Dimensions of DiabetaCare >


Your health under our care!

Welcome to an all-new realm of diabetes management. Connect with our team of qualified, trained and experienced healthcare professionals. Prompt and efficient diabetes-care is now affordable and within your reach! more >

Personalised diabetes care through state-of-the-art technology

  • Accurate and regular monitoring of your health

    Our people and technology make it easy for you to continuously monitor your health and diabetic condition.

  • Receive personalised support from qualified professionals

    Get dedicated advice and consultancy from our paramedic staff trained at the UK.

  • Complete record keeping of your health data

    We maintain accurate record of your health data as this information is critical to your wellbeing and medical support.

  • Get customised diet plans

    Improve your food intake with tailor-made diet plans devised by our on-board dieticians.

  • Connect via phone/chat/email or visit our centre

    Get in touch with us the way you prefer. We’re by your side24x7!

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